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i love concerts so much that i have pre concert depression thinking about the post concert depression i’m going to have 




it really pisses me off that it’s 2013 and i still have to wait for my hair to dry like can someone please invent something that can dry it quick??

you mean like image
a hairdryer?

can we agree to never talk about this again

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Louis Tomlinson

“The reason that pushed me to go for the X Factor was because I decided to go for my school musical which was Grease and actually I got the part as Danny Zuko.. When I was at boot camp for the final 200, I just completely cancelled myself out. I remember the interviewer saying you know, how do you rate your chances on a percentage and I said about 5%.. If I’m lucky. When we were brought back on stage and they said we want to put you in a group.. I was just absolutely elated.